Hungarian tuition in Vienna

Hungarian teacher for private individuals and companies

A private Hungarian tutor is there to provide the support you need to enhance your Hungarian language skills, especially your communication skills, and give you confidence in speaking Hungarian. One-to-one language lessons can make the Hungarian grammar become far more accessible. Together we will sharpen your passive skills in reading and listening,  and practice  your active skills in speaking and writing.


As your private Hungarian teacher I will work alongside you at the speed that works for you. My Hungarian lessons involve paying particular attention to the everyday vocabulary, focusing on the most important Hungarian grammar, but not too excessively, providing good practice in everday  Hungarian. Should you need help with any particular area of difficulty, we can focus on it, of course.

For your orientation: Beginners in private Hungarian courses in 1:1 language lessons need usually  40-50 lessons for basic language knowledge, respective level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It will take approx. another 40-50 lessons to reach the intermediate level B2.


About me: I am a highly experienced German and Hungarian teacher, as well as a professional  translator for Hungarian and German. As a German and Hungarian Language Trainer I have taught in the private sectors and in all kinds of language schools, mainly adults, but I also have experience of teaching children. I can offer Hungarian to university level, for this is my mother-tounge, and German to B2 level,  since I live and teach in Vienna for 15 years and made my Master degree in translation at the University of Vienna. In addition I have a teaching qualification for German as a Foreign Language from the University of Kassel in Germany, as well as a didactic training on the renowned Berlitz-method for native speaker language teachers.


Tutoring approach: Usually I work from home, where I have a vast library of relevant resources, but I also have  various in-house German courses and Hungarian courses for companies in Vienna and surroundings. I very much like to use songs, stories, videos and the internet to teach my languages, then I do believe that learning Hungarian can be fun. Check out the links about learning Hungarian!

I have a variety of approaches, since no two learners are alike, whereby enjoyment is a very important factor in my lessons. I aim to foster a friendly but professional relationship with each student, to build their confidence and self belief. I have a large number of loyal costumers, since my services are recommended frequently by other learners. Hungarian can be an extremely challenging language, and as a experienced Hungarian tutor I can really help you learning it.


Organization: The Hungarian lessons in One-to-One training are 60 or 90 minutes in length. You can also bring and learn with your friend, spouse or collegue, there is enough place for as many as 4 persons. Usually I teach at home in the city center, just beside of the famous Karmelitermarkt in the 2nd  district of Vienna; easy to reach with U2, tram 2, and the bus lines 5A and 5B. Home tutoring at your place or in-house training in your company is also possible by agreement, please ask for an individual price offer!

Beszél magyarul? Hungarian placement test here (vocabulary) und hier (grammar)!


Just for fun

Pronounciation help for foreigners - how to speak Hungarian

- Hole one a wait say? (Hol van a WC?) where is the toilet?

- all cut race (alkatrész) component

- One Kate Lee bumm. (Van két libám.) I have two gooses

- One hut one Kate catch came. (Van hatvankét kecském.) I have slxfy-two goats

- New see, one up road? (Nyuszi, van apród?) honey, do you have coins?

- Beer luck! (Bírlak!) I like you

- fog peace call low. (fogpiszkáló) toothpick

- hot show race ad (hátsórészed) your backside

- Soul a new! (Szól anyu!) mum is calling / addressing you

- this no all (disznóól) the house of pigs

- tap ate a (tapéta) wallpaper

- hut are row Zoe saw (határozószó) adverb

- sun cow (szánkó) bob

- Kate no mud touch cow one a bock Ron tool. (Két nomád tacskó van a bokron túl.) there are two nomád foxhounds over the bush

- Kitchen get neck. (Kicsengetnek.) when the ring bells in school, representing the end of the lesson

- Tape at war you one a fun. (Tépett varjú van a fán.) there is a crow on the tree with no feathers

- what can there (vadkender) hemp.